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New Class Starts June 4th, 2018


Our Student Clinic is Getting Started!


Our ambition at CYLA Beauty Academy is to educate future cosmetologists in the fundamentals of hairstyling and cosmetology by providing the 1000 hours of training, knowledge, skills and confidence required to prepare students to successfully complete the NYS Cosmetology Written and Practical Exams.

CYLA Beauty Academy educates future cosmetologists in the fundamentals of hairstyling and cosmetology.

CYLA Beauty Academy’s goal is to provide the educational foundation you will need to begin your career. Upon completing the program (1000 hours), you will have the skills and knowledge needed to prepare you to take the New York State Appearance Enhancement Licensing Exam and seek employment as a Cosmetologist in New York State, and other states with reciprocal agreements with New York State.

The curriculum includes:

  1. State-approved content and clock hours in Cosmetology, theory, skills, professional development and clinical experience
  2. Employability outcomes incorporated into teaching strategies, projects and student assessments
  3. Clinical rotations focusing on competency in Cosmetology practice and professional leadership






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